Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rolled Tacos

This has to be one of my most favorite dishes. Growing up my Nana would never make me rolled tacos only folded ones (which we will make with potatoes soon, her tacos de papa.) My passion for rolled tacos came from Lolitas Tacos shop in Chula Vista. How I love their tacos. So when I got married and moved away from San Diego I was left with no great taco shops in the OC. So here came my rolled tacos which is one of my family's favorite Friday night movie night dishes. They leave you wanting more and that is dangerous!

OK here is the secret. Roast beef with chili powder!!! yep. If you do not have fresh cooked roast beef buy cubed beef. Get use to using cubed beef, as my Nana used it all the time.

1 can Cubed beef or 16 oz roast beef
Chili powder (to coat)
16 Corn tortillas
Cooking oil to fry

Heat your beef and mix with a generous amount of chili powder. You are just adding enough for flavor. You are not cooking the meat (it's already cook) just heating it to shred it and add the chili flavor.
  1. Warm corn tortillas so that they are flexible(I do this by taking a few paper towels, wetting them and sticking them in the microwave for 2 minutes.)
  2. While tortillas are warm add beef and roll, close with tooth picks until you get a handle of them in the oil. (I still use tooth picks)
  3. cook in hot oil until golden brown. I loive my tacos crispy but my sister likes them soft so cook them to your liking, just don't walk away from them as they can burn really fast in really hot oil.
  • Make these with homemade Salsa and Guacamole and a side of beans. My advice is to make all the sides before you starting frying the tacos as you want to eat the tacos while they are still hot.
Here's to some good food!


  1. YUMMY! Made these last week and absolutely LOVED them. I made them with potatoes because my hubby is vegetarian. They were so delicious, especially with your guac recipe! I also made your beans and rice and I have to say that the rice was the BEST rice ever! I have been looking for a good Mexican rice recipe and now I have it. Thanks!!

  2. Heather! Thanks for cooking with us!!! So great that you are loving the recipes!