Monday, March 1, 2010

Pan Dulce

These are my favorites and my kids favorites. Growing up my Nana did most of her grocery shopping in Tijuana, Mexico. We lived in Chula Vista my whole life until I moved away to college, but my mom and brother and the rest of the family still live in this now big city. My Nana was crazy, she would rather go across the border almost twice a week or three times a week to go get food. There we would go to all kinds of different markets to get everything from vegetables, meat, bread, and so on. My sister can attest to this, you could bring anything across as long as it did not have a pit in it. But my Nana would smuggle avocados in her bra every time. Yes in her bra! To my knowledge she never got caught. I can remember always laughing at the fact that she would do this and it was like a tradition, and because she did not think the USA had good avocados. I think this was just a place for her to go where she would shop and feel free to communicate in her own language. It was fun as a kid going with her because we ate pan dulce, ran around the markets and just had fun.

Here's hoping you have a good panadería by your place!

  • Conchita de Chocolaté
  • Conchita de Vainilla
  • Quequitios (cupcake)
Serve with Mexican hot chocolate (coming soon) or coffee!
Here's to some good food!

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