Monday, March 22, 2010


One of my favorite dishes. My Nana use to make this in the summer time as a main dish to her Caldo de pollo (which we will make in the coming months). I can remember her always making fun of me because I like to eat this dish with flour tortillas. She always ate it with corn tortillas. To each his own! Tonight I made this dish for JM (my husband, John Mark). It is tradition that I make it on his birthday and so we celebrated him with his favorite Mexican dish, Mole. My Nana use to make the sauce thin and I can remember stealing a little piece of chocolaté every time she made it. Now I make the sauce thick. You can make it how ever you like as long as you keep the ratio right.

1 Jar of Mole (brand on photo)
10 cups of chicken broth
1 bar of chocolaté Ibarra (grated finely)
Chicken breast

  1. Boil Chicken and make chicken broth
  • To make chicken broth: How ever many pieces of chicken you will be servicing add water and chicken bullion ( use 1tsp of bullion/cup of water). Add half of a white onion, 2 sticks of celery & 1 clove garlic. Let cook for about 30 -40 minutes on medium. You are basically making chicken soup.
  • Set chicken aside and keep broth
  1. Mix Broth, Mole, and Chocolate together.
  2. Keep heat on low and stir often (it burns easily if you do not watch it)
  3. Once sauce is smooth add chicken pieces to sauce and let simmer
Serve with Rice and Beans and Tortillas!

Here's to some good food!

Extra Help:
Break the Mole up with a fork and grate the chocolate. It takes a long time for them to melt down to a sauce, about an hour.

The Chocolate

Our Table:

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