Monday, March 1, 2010

Queso Fresco

I woke up this morning dropped my kids off at school and headed to the Mexican market to get this cheese for breakfast. Oh the cheese!!! Quesco fresco, this one is Queso Panela, Mexicano. I can remember being in the markets in TJ with my Nana and her trying all the different types of Quesos. It was crazy at all the cheese they had to pick from. I remember having hot corn tortillas with a slice of this cheese, oh so good. In fact just the other weekend I was at my mom's house and my sister, my and I with my two kids when to the Mexican market, there we got cheese hot tortillas and my kids ran around the market like I use to do when I was their age. We got home I opened the tortillas (still warm), grabbed the cheese, a slice of avocado and a little bit of salsa and make a little snack! So good! If you have a Mexican market with a butcher shop, there is where you will find this awesome cheese.

Here's to some good food!

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