Monday, February 22, 2010

Come and Eat

I am going to let you into my little and not so famous world of cooking. I grew up with my Nana cooking every single meal. I can rarely remember a time when we ate at a restaurant other than the occasional MDs. My Nana was Mexican as I am and being Mexican, well we ate Mexican food, all the time. My Nana practically raised me and my siblings and looking back at our time with her it was priceless. My mom was a single mom and well she just rocked it all. My Nana passed away three years ago this past Feb. 13, 2010. While she had lived with my family since I was the age of 11, it was then that she taught me how to cook. In Fact she insisted. She rather me stay in and help her make tortillas than go out and play. She taught me how to make rice and beans and flour tortillas, and Caldo and Mole and Albondiags. Back then I hated it but now I absolutely love it. When I am in the kitchen I think of her often and think about how she use to love to talk and cook. I was able to write most her recipes down before she past and now I cook them for my own little family, my husband and two kids who are 3 & 5. I am thankful that she taught me how to cook and that between her and my mom I able to continue creating her wonderful dishes. So I will share with you some of our family favorites and my little twist on some of them. Every thing from Mexican rice, to beans and tortillas and the most amazing guacamole you will ever have. I will also throw in some of my families favs...some meats and recipes I wrote down from friends over lunch time breaks. My hope is that you will enjoy cooking these recipes as much as I enjoy them and I hope that you will enjoy not only sharing them with your family but setting your table for friends. Make dinner, invite someone and enjoy some good food! Here's to some good food!