Monday, February 22, 2010

Arroz con Pollo (Betina Chicken)

Tonight our friend Ashley came over and brought two of her friends. We enjoyed this meal with them and had a great time. Thank you red bell peppers for being on sale! This is one of my husband's favorite (non-Mexican but Hispanic dish). It was given to me by my friend Betina who is from Peru. I was able to scribble down this recipe over our lunch break about 4 years ago and she said it tasted just like hers. I hope you enjoy it.

Rice, long grain white or Jazmin, (1/2chicken broth, ½ water) (how ever much you make for your family, I usually make 2 cups of rice)
1 Bunch Cilantro
½ Red Onion
3 cloves garlic
Ground Turmeric
1Red Bell Pepper
Green Peas or Carrots
2 Serrano or yellow chilies (to taste)
Chicken (leg or thigh w/ bone and skin)
  • You are going to be cooking the rice and chicken in the same pan at the end so start off with a big/deep pan.

1. Blend ½ bell pepper, cilantro, and Chile (set aside)
2. Dice Onion and garlic lightly, fry in pan with 1TBS oil
3. Add salt and Turmeric to taste to pan
4. Add chicken to pan. Fry chicken until skin browns. Do not cook it all the way
5. Move chicken to a separate pan to keep warm. Keep covered on very low heat.
6. Add to pan the blend of bell pepper, cilantro and Chile
7. Add Chicken stock and water to pan.
8. Add more Turmeric to taste.
9. After it comes to a boil add chicken for ten minutes. Cover pan
10. Take chicken out after ten minutes
11. Add green peas and other ½ of bell pepper (diced)
12. Add rice (cover until rice is done)
13. Add Chicken for the last five minutes that the rice cooks.

Serve with French Bread.

Here's to some good food!

dish photo taken by Ashley Wells

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