Monday, April 5, 2010


Little fried pieces of goodness. Typical breakfast food. In my opinion my mom makes these the best. My Nana use to make them with Mexican hard cheese, which we called "foot cheese". As kids we hated the smell of the cheese. My mom makes them with Monterrey Jack Cheese, which is the way I make them. This dish we make on a Saturday morning when the whole family is coming over, which in our house was almost every Saturday. We did not have typical breakfast foods like pancakes or waffles we had beans, eggs and chilaquiles. After all it was considered our typical since we are MEXICAN!!! :) We hope you enjoy these as much as our whole family has.

I let JM plate the food!

12-15 Corn Tortillas
Oil (to fry tortillas)
1/4 of White Onion dice
2 tsp Chicken Bullion
to taste Chili Powder
1 12oz can Tomato Sauce
1 cup Monterrey Jack Cheese

  1. Cut up your corn tortillas into little squares.
  2. Once they are golden brown drain and set aside
  3. You can make the sauce in the same pan, you will need to drain the oil out, save a little to saute the onion
  4. Saute 1/4 diced white onion until nice and translucent
  5. Add tomato sauce into hot pan
  6. Add 2 tsp chicken bullion
  7. Dash of chili powder
  8. Let simmer for about 10 minutes on medium/low
  9. Add tortillas chips and stir until the sauce is well mixed
  10. Add enough cheese to cover the top of the tortilla chips and cover on low
  11. Serve when cheese is melted
We like to serve this with eggs, beans and avocado!

Here's to some good food!

Our Table:

Yep, here is our good friend Ashley eating at our table again!!!

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